Even though acne and eczema are considered two different things, I believe they stem from similar causes: an overloaded lymphatic system.

Top Causes for Acne

  • Congested liver (usually due to metal or chemical toxins)
  • Systemic bacterial or fungal infection (meaning it is all throughout the bloodstream or lymphatic system)
  • Food allergies
  • “Leaky” gut*
  • Too much bad Omega 6s (highly processed & overheated soybean, corn, cottonseed, canola oils—used in frying and in most restaurants)
  • Fungus overgrowth in colon

*I find on some clients that their digestive tract is as low as 46-48% of optimal.

In comparing the digestive tract to a “tube” like a garden hose, this is like half the garden hose being punctured with holes similar to a soaker hose instead of being completely sealed like a regular hose.  Food should be broken down into small particles and absorbed slowly; instead, nearly half “leaks” out in larger-than-normal particles into the bloodstream. Your body treats it like a foreign invader by the immune system who doesn’t recognize it as food. In trying to “get rid” of the food it pushes it out through the skin.  The skin is another elimination organ, but only a secondary one!  Toxins have to come out some way! If the colon is blocked as in constipation, or leaking in some way as in leaky gut, that second route of the skin is used instead!

In high school, I remember that my acne mostly stopped just with the addition of fish oil, a healthy Omega 3.  It balanced out the excess Omega 6’s in my diet at the time. Regarding the Omega 6s, any seed oil (such as sesame, sunflower, safflower) should be cold-pressed in order to not damage the fragile oils in it.

Dirty industry secret: High-heat & chemical extraction processes used to extract the oil from soybean/corn/cottonseed/canola turns the oil so rancid consumers would never eat it as it smells horrible. So manufacturers use a deodorizer, which turns it an unappetizing gray color, so bleach is added to restore clear color.

And THAT is what we buy in stores, innocent-appearing bottles of “Vegetable Oil,” having been misled for decades to think they are healthier than God-given butter. These oils are used in most baked goods and prepackaged meals, not to mention restaurant food.

FYI: I always notice that when I eat out, the “bad” oils are eliminated on my nose, of all places.  However I can eat butter, coconut oil, and sour cream all I want and never have that reaction!  The reason is they are healthy, stable oils NOT damaged with heat, and easily utilized by the body.  (Read more about healthy fats here)

Top Causes for Eczema

  • Food & supplement allergies

  • Fungal infections, often systemic

  • Leaky gut

One client with a big patch case of eczema on her leg had it completely clear up after we cleared food allergies and and healed her small intestine tissue.  The eczema improved with the detox program we put her on, but really made the most progress when we used laser therapy to reset her immune system to no longer react to allergies. This allowed her gut to heal once and for all, sealing up all the leaks!

Small children have this problem quite frequently and according to my findings there is almost always both a food allergy and a fungal infection as well as leaky gut involved.


Medically, solutions for eczema involve topical creams, and for acne excessive drying agents for the skin. You can now understand how treating the surface does not get to the root at all?—It’s like trying to fix a plant that has brown spots on the leaves from an internal disease, by painting the leaves green to cover it up!!

Your REAL solution:

Call for an appointment to determine YOUR food allergies, any systemic fungus, and what percentage of health your digestive tract may be at! Thank God the solution is NOT to avoid the foods but rather, using laser therapy, eliminate the allergies completely AND any accompanying fungal infections. Once the lymphatic system is clean and the gut is healed, your skin can become clean and clear again! There IS hope!