Symptoms Addressed

Weight Loss/Slow Metabolism

Did you know your weight struggle may not be your fault? If you’ve tried every diet, tried cutting calories and exercising, and the weight still isn’t budging, your metabolism could be as low as 35% of optimal performance (meaning you’re only burning through 1/3 of what a normal person would eat). Why?  Read more



Sleep Problems

Do you feel tired but you still can’t fall asleep, or do you awaken a few hours after going to bed? Just like computers have an “awake mode” and a “sleep mode,” we do also.  Read more




Sluggish Thyroid

Your thyroid is a butterfly shaped organ that wraps around the base of  your throat. It is incredibly  important for controlling metabolism and  proper body weight.​ The classic signs of a sluggish thyroid weight gain, lethargy, low-level depression, poor quality hair and nails, hair loss, dry  skin, fatigue, cold hands and feet, and constipation.  The sad fact is, half  of all people with hypothyroidism  are never diagnosed.  Read more



The skin is another elimination organ, but only a  secondary one!  Toxins have to come out some way! If the colon is blocked as in constipation, or leaking in some way as in leaky gut, that second route of the skin is used instead.

Read more




Many parents will acknowledge that too much soda and candy makes their kids bounce off the walls on a sugar high, but what if a child's persistent hyperactivity was caused by tomatoes, eggs, gluten or some other seemingly innocuous food? ​ Read more





What if you knew there was a natural way to stop asthma by getting to the root cause—an over-reaction of the immune system to something it should handle normally??   Read more




Clearing Allergies

When you're having an allergic reaction, the allergen is causing the body to react negatively and causes stress and thinks that the food or pollen can harm the body instead of nourish it. Read more





With so many people  put on Prozac/Celexa/other antidepressant, depression is a commonly diagnosed condition. But even those on medication do not always experience relief.  I believe we are NOT born with a Prozac deficiency; so what is the true cause? Read more




Many different things can be at the root of fatigue, but the top reasons as found in my practice are:

Food allergy(s) –gluten, dairy, and sugar are the top culprits

Metal & chemical toxins (often from metal fillings and plastics and pesticides) Scars—usually old episiotomy or C-Section scars—any surgical scars more than 2 years old. Read more

Gluten Intolerance/Food Allergies

Gluten/food allergies and leaky gut go so hand in hand that I often wonder, which came first—the chicken or the egg? Are antibiotics or heavy metal toxicity destroying good gut bacteria to blame? Read more




Lyme Disease

Typically, a diagnosis of Lyme Disease means rounds and rounds of strong antibiotics which kill off the good gut bacteria which are a major contributor to a healthy immune system. Often people going through treatment suffer nearly as much as those who go through chemo; it is that intense. Literally, as one client told me, "The Treatment is killing my friend!" There IS a better way!! Lyme Disease is quite easy to address when you fix all other aspects of a person's health.  Read more


What is NRT?

Nutrition Response Testing (NRT) is a way to determine what barriers are preventing, or blocking, your body from operating at its best. NRT works systematically to remove the barriers and provide nutritional support for the body to make necessary repairs for healthy function and vitality. Read more