Do you struggle with fatigue, with afternoon sleepiness, with feeling like sugar/caffeine is the only thing that revives you but it’s short-acting?

And then at night when you feel tired, likely you still can’t fall asleep!

Guess what? All these are signs of being stuck in “awake mode.” Just like computers have an “awake mode” and a “sleep mode,” we do also.  And our bodies should be able to transition smoothly between the 2 modes when appropriate. BUT just like sometimes when your computer gets stuck in awake mode and won’t power down, your body can also get stuck in “awake/go” mode and won’t power down. We call it being “blocked.” Many people become stuck in this mode for years.

This state is extremely fatiguing, because it eats up energy and feels like a continual power drain is going on. Yet at the same time the lights are “still on” at night and it prevents you from falling into a sound sleep!
“Wired but tired”—is one way of describing it.

What causes it??

Many different things can be at the root of fatigue, but the top reasons as found in my practice are:

  • Low B12 (often from the MTHFR gene mutation which I find in 80% of my clients)
  • Food allergy(s) –gluten, dairy, and sugar are the top culprits
  • Metal & chemical toxins (often from metal fillings and plastics and pesticides)
  • Scars—usually old episiotomy or C-Section scars—any surgical scars more than 2 years old.
  • Low iron (often from a chronic bacterial infection; bacteria feed on iron and deplete your stores)

Other Contributors

  • Stressed adrenals (prolonged stress can cause them to be run-down)
  • Low Vitamin D​
  • Sluggish thyroid
  • Systemic fungal or bacterial infections


Schedule an initial appointment which will reveal the root cause, whatever it may be!  The thorough evaluation will check for metal & chemical toxins, food allergies, fungus, nutrient deficiencies, scar interference, and other reasons. Rest assured that whatever we find is totally fixable; there is no reason to live your life tired all the time.  :)