Headaches & Migraines

Migraines and headaches are painful and can even be debilitating.

Did you know that 28 million Americans suffer from migraine headaches?

A migraine is classified as throbbing, intense pain that usually occurs on one side of the head. It can be extremely painful and can leave the sufferer debilitated for hours, days or even weeks.

Migraines can lead to days off work, and missing out on life because of the pain experienced. It can be totally frustrating when headaches take so much time away from your life!!

Most experts do not really know the cause of migraines, and usual advice is to avoid caffeine and take migraine medication when they occur. However, like antibiotics, pain medication always destroys helpful gut bacteria, which lowers your immune system even more and ruins digestion, contributing to heartburn and sugar cravings.

In our practice, we've found there can be several reasons. There is definitely one major cause of migraines that almost no one else is even looking at, but that ALL of our migraine-sufferers have.  Within days of starting their natural healing program, they can tell a big difference in pain level, and over the next period of months, headaches are less and less frequent until they are nearly completely gone. 

What is the problem??

Most people I mention this to are somewhat taken aback, but since many have had every blood test and other scan/tests available done to them with no results, and this problem was never even CHECKED for, they are open and curious, and then become true believers after their initial visit reveals exactly this problem and they feel the difference in their ​first week.

If the Pain Moves, It's Because the Source is Moving

In the words of one client's prior experience: "At times my headaches will feel like my brain moves like Jell-O or as though there is extra space between my brain and the interior of my skull allowing "wiggle-room."  This "symptom" has manifested within the last year, maybe a little longer.  The pain, since the beginning, does not seem to constantly stay in any one place either."

What could that be due to?

Are you ready for this?


Not just restricted to third-world countries, they cause everything most people experience with severe headaches: that extreme pain and nausea and weakness and dizziness AND lower serotonin (which is your natural antidepressant)....believe me I well know.  And yes, it is HORRIBLE. (And no, doctors don't know to check for them--even if they suspected them, all they check is stool samples and the truth is parasites can be ANYwhere in the body--not just colon--and I've detoxed plenty from the brain myself.)

We are not necessarily talking tapeworms, since that is usually what most people think of; but there are many different sizes. They can come from any source, such as pets, or unwashed produce, and take up residence in the weaker organs (whatever isn't strong enough to kick them out, so to speak.)

I've figured out the horrific pain must be because they touch all sorts of nerve endings when they're wriggling around, and the biggest sizes hurt the worst.

One of our staff suffered with migraines for years due to parasites (that she didn't know about) now she's finally off her migraine medication as we've given her stuff for the parasites and--this is important--other issues we found. The immune system cannot fully rid the body of parasites if it is overloaded with toxins from chemicals and metals, as most everyone is.

Oddly enough, allergies to 1 or more of one’s own hormones seem to be responsible for the type of recurring migraines, especially "aura" migraines, those with spots) that don’t seem connected with any foods.  I’ve stopped a migraine in its tracks for someone, simply by finding and clearing a leptin allergy, with the 5-minute laser light technique.  I've also found testosterone and progesterone allergies to be causes of recurring migraines.

Other Causes of Headaches

  • Chronic low-level viral infection (causes inflamation that feels like a hangover)
  • Allergy to Progesterone (quite common! especially if headaches seem “hormonal”) or testosterone or any other hormone
  • Aspartame (found in diet drinks & sugar-free foods…it is a brain neurotoxin meaning it kills brain cells. I always get a headache if I consume anything with aspartame.)
  • MSG (monosodium glutamate, another neurotoxin) and chemicals in processed foods
  • Food allergies. For example, wheat or gluten
  • Low B12 (B12 is your natural anti-histamine; without it you are more prone to inflammation from a variety of causes)
  • Low magnesium or potassium
  • Birth control pill
  • Low thyroid function
  • Drug use (both medicinal and hallucinogenic). This depletes minerals, stimulates certain organs causing a release of hormones and elevation of blood sugar


You don’t have to suffer needlessly with headaches!  Let us figure out the causes for you and find natural solutions, including clearing any allergies permanently with our laser technology, killing off parasites, and balancing hormones naturally!

Our initial testing utilizes a simple, non-invasive full-body analysis (fully-clothed) to determine what is going on; this tells us EVERYTHING. We also test for what will fix whatever we find, and in a second appointment lasting 30 minutes (covered under first visit fee) we provide you with a written report of findings and the plan for fixing everything and how long it will take and what the cost will be.

If you have spent hundreds and thousands in doctor visits and expensive lab testing and medications, I can guarantee though that it will be a LOT less than most of the things you've tried, and should actually fix it.

Within the first couple days you should be able to tell a difference.

Are you tired of migraines managing your life? Give us a try; let us help you find and fix the root so you can live your life pain-free and focus on what is important to you!