Healthy Eating Articles

Healthy Fats

Many diseases have been associated with the consumption of trans fatty acids--heart disease, cancer, diabetes, sterility, learning disabilities, growth problems, and osteoporosis.The only reason that we are eating this  stuff is because we have been told that the competing saturated fats and oils—butter, lard, coconut oil, palm oil, tallow and suet—are bad for us and cause heart disease. Such assertions are nothing but industry  propaganda.​ Read more



Healthy Sugars

The Skinny on Natural Sweeteners

With diabetes and obesity statistics at epidemic proportions, it’s no wonder that most Americans are reassessing their relationship to sugar. Countless studies indicate that our increased consumption of refined sugar and high fructose corn syrup have contributed to a host of health problems, many never experienced by humans until our modern times. “Natural” sugars and sugar alternatives are popping up everywhere these days, but, as with anything else, not all sweeteners are created equal.    Read more


Probiotic-Rich Foods

Probiotics are the "good bacteria" in our gut that are responsible for breaking down foods that we eat and also strengthening our immune system. Metal toxicity from mercury fillings, antibiotics, and pesticide-laden foods are just some of the things that can kill off these friendly bacteria. How can you make sure you're getting enough of these valuable helpers?

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The list of WHAT to eat, what to avoid and how to compromise.

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Organic Food vs. Fast Food

Do you think that buying organic food is too expensive? ​ Read more





Sample Menu: Balanced, Whole-Foods

While no "one" diet fits everyone due to varying blood type and metabolic type, the following are suggestions for generally balanced meals.  Blood Type Os (protein type) will need more protein and fats and fewer carbs, and Type As will do better on more fruits and vegetables and less fat and protein. As long as it is "real food" that your grandmother would recognize, it's okay to experiment with what makes you feel the best! (i.e. energized and not sleepy afterwards)   Read more



Fast Food Facts

Even if all you grab is a sweet tea at the fountain drinks, it might have more in it than you counted on. The cleaning methods of the machines are sub par to say the least. Says one such employee: “In my experience, the machines usually are let go until they stop producing ice. For the machine to stop producing ice there needs to be an absurd amount of slime, calcium, algae or a combination of all three.”  Read more