Sleep Problems

At bedtime, do you feel tired but you still can’t fall asleep, or do you awaken a few hours after going to bed?

This is not just a "normal sign of aging"; it's a tip off that something is not right. Just like computers have an “awake mode” and a “sleep mode,” we do also.  And our bodies should be able to transition smoothly between the 2 modes when appropriate. BUT just like sometimes when your computer gets stuck in awake mode and won’t power down, your body can also get partially stuck in “awake/go” mode and won’t power down.

We call it being “blocked.” Many people become stuck in this mode for years.

This state is very fatiguing, by the way, because it eats up energy and feels like a continual power drain is going on. Yet at the same time the lights are “still on” at night and it prevents you from falling into a sound sleep!


What causes it??

Many different things can cause a person to be “stuck” in go mode and unable to sleep, but the top reasons as found in my practice are:

  • Food allergy(s) –gluten, dairy, and sugar are the top culprits
  • High cortisol from adrenal stress (can be caused by allergies, infections, life stress, etc)
  • Allergy to melatonin OR low melatonin
  • Genetic mutation causing low B12/folate levels (easily fixed!)
  • Low hormone levels (estrogen & progesterone)​

Other Contributors

  • Chronic infection in the pineal gland which regulates sleep hormones
  • Metal toxins (often from metal fillings)
  • Scars—usually old episiotomy or C-Section scars—any surgical scars more
  • than 2 years old
  • Low Magnesium​​



Schedule an initial appointment which will reveal the root cause, whatever it may be!  The thorough evaluation will check for metal & chemical toxins, food allergies, and scar interference, and other reasons. Rest assured that whatever we find is totally fixable; there is no reason to lie awake at night counting sheep for hours on end.  :)