What is NRT?

Nutrition Response Testing (NRT) is a way to determine what barriers are preventing, or blocking, your body from operating at its best. NRT works systematically to remove the barriers and provide nutritional support for the body to make necessary repairs for healthy function and vitality.

What is Nutrition Response Testing?

“Nutrition Response Testing is a medical muscle testing system grounded in solid science. It is today probably the fastest and least invasive way to accurately detect food allergies, geopathic and biophysical stress, interference fields, stressed organs and structures, emotional blocks, heavy metal toxicity, dental problems, environmental toxicity and more.”  –Dr. Joseph Mercola D.C. Chicago, Illinois

This method of analysis is so precise it allows us to scan your entire body and get a complete understanding of the status of each and every organ, joint, muscle, skin. We prioritize beginning with the most critically stressed.  Using the body’s priority often automatically takes care of other areas of dysfunction. How do we find out what’s wrong?  We can determine the precise reason for your symptoms by testing your body’s own neurological reflexes. These reflexes are derived from the autonomic nervous system (ANS), whose job is to regulate the functions of each organ.

How does Nutrition Response Testing (otherwise known as Direct Resonance Testing) work? Based on the works of renowned holistic cancer researcher, Yoshiaki Omura, MD, the procedure utilizes Dr. Omura’s Biological Law of Identical Substances: “If there is an identical substance outside the body as there is inside the body, a stress reaction in a muscle is created.” There has been substantial medical research into the effectiveness and accuracy of this law’s applications. (Click here http://bdort.org/videos.html for a video demonstrating his work in hospitals.)  This is the basis for Nutrition Response Testing™: When contacting an organ point on the surface of the body, an indicator-reflex changes when the stressor is placed anywhere on the patient (resonance between two identical substances). For example, if an organ, system, or the entire body is weak, we can find out what is causing it to be weak by placing different substances outside the body. When the correct stressor is placed outside the body, the stressor inside will resonate and cause the reflex we monitor to grow strong. In the same way, supplements can be tested to find out which ones correct weak reflexes/organs, and a program can be customized to fit each individual's need, including exact DOSE.

This method of detecting stressors and solutions will get you to the next stage of improved health much faster than the traditional guess-and-check methods of other nutritional programs!

In our practice, over 95 percent of our clients’ health issues can be effectively and efficiently addressed using Nutrition Response Testing to find what is really wrong and develop a holistic healing regimen. We understand that we may just be your last resort. The good news is that for those who follow our protocols exactly, the results can be astounding!


NRT supports the extraordinary properties of the human cells and tissues to bring about healing and health changes exactly as God intended. After all, our bodies are designed to heal themselves.  Ultimately you are the one responsible for your health. If your goal is to actually find and fix the hidden cause of your health problems, then you are in the right place!