About Us

Valerie J. Golladay, NTP

Abundant Life Nutritional Therapy is a Harrisonburg, VA business born of a desire to assist in true healing by addressing root causes of illness naturally instead of medicating with drugs so that we can experience more of the abundant life God promised us here on earth! 

It Began with a Classic Book

​My interest in health started at age 14 after reading the classic Let’s Eat Right to Keep Fit by Adelle Davis.  Growing up, the only health issue I had (or knew about) was occasional constipation.  Several years ago, however, I experienced a bout with giardia, a microscopic parasite that causes severe diarrhea. The only product that corrected it was an herbal parasite cleanse, even though the medical doctor I went to was *rather* skeptical of the results. Not knowing what else to do, I continued with an herbal laxative for about a year to ensure complete elimination of the parasites.  Wanting to get into a career in nutrition, I found out about the Nutritional Therapy program (www.nutritionaltherapy.com) through my massage therapist, and that is where the foundation of my knowledge has come from. I began my Certified Nutritional Therapist training in 2009. Learning that laxatives can allow the colon to become lazy and thereby worsen constipation, I knew I had to find an alternative to the laxative.  My NT classmates evaluated me using lingual-neuro testing to find the specific nutritional deficiencies in my body. We added probiotics to help re-establish good bacteria in the gut and balance out the intestinal system’s ability to process nutrient-dense foods.  The supplements helped so much that I was immediately able to stop the laxatives!

The Key to Health Restoration Discovered: Personalized Testing

And I was enthralled with the ability that method of testing gave for coming up with specific, individual remedies for clients—based on what their body needed.  Also during that time some depression I’d begun to experience mostly disappeared when I stopped eating low-fat foods and instead incorporated plenty of natural healthy fats from butter, cream, coconut oil, and nuts into my diet. Learning about the dangers and health consequences related to trans-fats and refined vegetable oils created in me the desire to share this knowledge and help others become aware. The next year I went to a seminar to learn Nutrition Response Testing, and was blown away by the accuracy and scope of the testing. The instructor’s exam of me revealed gallbladder distress, which was causing some mid-back pain. I began a supplement for that, and really thought my constipation was finally resolved for good. :)  I continued to get tested every several months, which revealed my gallbladder was healing, and other organs were now asking for help. Adding a few additional supplements, I found I needed less sleep at night and was more alert during the day, had improved digestion, fewer low blood sugar drops, and dealt with stress better.  I could also think more clearly (especially when I started detoxing heavy metals)…it was amazing! 

Real World Experience: Finding What Works and What Doesn't

​Once I realized the importance of supplementing with minerals in order to detox metals and chemicals, digestion hit a new high and my sugar cravings and late-night binge sessions stopped immediately. I now check for mineral level on every client and find it is usually very low, due to our depleted soils. The next discovery was made while in the middle of cancer cell detox (in which my immune system started voluntarily cleaning up cancer cells as it is designed to when perfectly healthy)…the importance of enzymes that control many functions, besides digesting food, is to literally “digest” cancer cells.  This discovery was especially precious since both my parents succumbed to brain cancer, years before I went through any training.  Knowing I can help reverse the process in my clients (who all go through the same detox as a result of getting healthier) is quite rewarding. The real icing on the cake came when I learned that allergies to foods, pollens, and even our own hormones could be completely eliminated. I use a laser which resets the body so that it no longer react to those substances.   Clearing these also has an immediate, dramatic effect for any clients experiencing fatigue and/or weight loss difficulty (especially when we clear their allergies to the thyroid hormone).

​How High Do You Want to Go?

Each layer of healing I experienced—some with its rough days of detoxing bacteria or dealing with a headache from detoxing parasites—has taken my health to the next level.  What I find so amazing about the way we’re created is that if the body is given the essential nutrients and cleared of allergies, it can and will repair itself.

Thank goodness, I've learned how to to condense this process into months instead of years for my clients, AND without dozens of expensive supplements!  (You know...the ones cluttering up your cabinet because you've tried supplement after supplement...!)

In fact, typically at least 80% of my clients' concerns are resolved in the first 4 months, and they usually spend less than $40/month for supplements during that time.  After that, supplementation is minimal if any, and visit frequency is up to them!

If this intrigues you, feel free to browse the rest of my site, or give me a call/email and I'll be happy to discuss your health issues and see if what I provide can help!